There are many types of insects that can cause us problems. Some will be more familiar to you than others. There are the stinging, biting ones like wasps, fleas, and bedbugs that most people will have heard of.

There are many other types of flies, mites, beetles, moths, cockroaches and ants many of which can cause problems. Some are damaging to and live in and around stored food. Some can damage the fabric of a building. Some can damage carpets and other textiles.

If you have a problem with any insects please give us a call. Below are some examples of the more common ones.

black ant

Black Ant

There are many types of ant but the one that most householders have problems with is the common black or garden ant. What often happens is that one of the worker ants from a nearby nest will find it’s way into your house and find a food source, often something sweet in the kitchen. It is then able to communicate this to it’s fellow workers and before you know it you have loads of them scurrying about all over your worktops. If you have a problem with ants Blackwood Pest Control have a solution.



Most people will need no introduction to wasps having generally met up with them at the Summer Barby ! Wasps build their nests in a variety of places. They can be above ground in sheds, garages and houses, usually loft spaces, or in a hole in a tree or even in a hedge. They also nest below ground often in compost heaps. A mature nest may contain many hundreds or even thousands of individuals. Wasp stings are not only extremely painful but some people have an allergic reaction to them which can be extremely dangerous to their health. Wasps also chew wood to make pulp for their nests, and where this occurs on, for example, garden furniture, timber cladding on houses, etc it is sometimes seen as a problem.

Bed Bug

Flea / Bed Bug

Normally these pests are first noticed when members of the household start getting bitten. Fleas are often brought into the house by the much loved family pet. Once there, our liking for wall to wall carpets and central heating affords them an ideal place to live and breed. Bed bugs can be brought into the house in many ways including arriving back in the suitcase from a family holiday.

Blackwood Pest Control treats both of these insect pests by spraying the house with a residual insecticide. This will kill off the adult stages of the insect and still be around to kill off the result of any eggs that may have been laid during the infestation.



The two main species of cockroach found in the UK are the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach. They are nocturnal creatures coming out at night to feed and spending the day hiding in cracks and dark spaces often around sinks cookers and drains.

The German cockroach can fly and climb smooth surfaces whereas the Oriental cockroach cannot. They are known to carry many diseases and food poisoning organisms and are a serious risk to health when they contaminate foodstuffs through their contact and droppings.

Carpet Beetle

Textile Pests

Textile pests are able to cause considerable damage to a variety of fabrics. It is not the adults that do the damage for they do not feed. The larvae on the other hand will chew their way through carpets, clothing and furnishings. These pests include clothes moths and carpet beetles and Blackwood Pest Control can treat them for you.


Stored Product Pests

As the name suggests these pests is a particular problem in food storage and preparation areas. These are in the main very small insects and include moths, beetles, weevils and mites. Some feed mainly on cereal products like flour beetles, biscuit beetles and Indian meal moth whereas others prefer animal protein. They can occur in domestic and commercial premises and Blackwood Pest Control can offer you a solution to your problem.